Third round of the Sport Regularity Cup at Rally degli Abeti

Duel between Luca Monti and Giampietro Ceschi. Roberta Ballerio is ready to score a hat-trick.

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On Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 June the COPPA REGOLARITA' SPORT Pro Energy promoted by Pro Energy Motorsport, will be part of the 1st Abeti Sport Regularity, a novelty proposed by the very good organisers of Abeti Racing. The entrants to the cup represent 28% of the total where the expectation was certainly higher than the actual number of entrants, given the large number of historic cars that still remain on standby in the garage in a land of great motoring passion. The organisers' faith in the speciality has not been rewarded as they might have thought. There is a lot of work to be done," says Emanuele Bosco, president of Pro Energy Motorsport, "to develop Sport Regularity in this area. An area with many cars stopped for a long time and with a mentality far from the specialty of Regularity Sport, which has brought great satisfaction in the Triveneto races". Returning specifically to the COPPA REGOLARITA' SPORT Pro Energy, there are two entrants: the overall leader, who after two races leads the ranking with full points among drivers, Luca Monti racing with Peugeot 304 and the debutant at the 1st Sport Regularity of Valpolicella, Giampietro Ceschi with his Opel Manta GTE and the colours of Pro Energy. Among the navigators the leader Roberta Ballerio, with full points, is ready to make the hat-trick. The absence of the direct opponents of the Monti-Ballerio duo may be important but not decisive. The drawing up of the classification with the allocation of points based on the number of entrants in the COPPA REGOLARITA' SPORT Pro Energy in fact leaves the door open for the assignment of the final title. Start of the first car of the Modern Rally at 08.31 and arrival on the same day at 18.00. After the participants of the Historic Rally it will be the turn of the participants of the Abeti Sport Regularity. We remind you that the organizers have applied a discount of 40 euro on the entry fee to the members of the COPPA REGOLARITA' SPORT Pro Energy qualifying the relationship between the two structures, even before the race.