The world of regularity mourns Gianni Chiesa, president of Scuderia Grifone

With his sister Tiziana he had won third place overall at the last Montecarlo

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Born in 1965, a Genoese transplanted to Novi for many years, but above all President of the reborn Scuderia Grifone.
The Ligurian team returned, in 2020, after about 10 years of absence at official level after having 'survived' in recent years thanks to the attentions of Gianni Chiesa, with his late father Silvano, as well as Sergio Delfino and Giorgio Spina.
A great fan of historic cars and rallies. A passion that accompanied him for a lifetime, between races and events, always behind the wheel and always smiling.
Gianni, president of the Grifone since 2020, has tried his hand over the years with ever-increasing commitment in the Italian Medium Regularity Championship, being enraptured by this discipline with his sister Tiziana.

And it was precisely at the Montecarlo Historique 2023 that the Chiesa siblings accomplished the feat, putting to good use everything they had learned in the tricolour series and taking an excellent third place overall at their first participation with their 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 TI.
(Here the interview at the presentation of the Grifone crews at the Monte Carlo 2023)

There were many messages of condolence from friends and acquaintances who wanted to remember the beautiful person that President Chiesa was, starting with Scuderia Grifone through a post on Facebook: "Today, suddenly, President Gianni Chiesa left us. This is how we want to remember you. Nothing will ever be the same again. Your Scuderia'.
Vice-president Nicola Manzini also left a thought for his friend-president: 'Bye Gianni, I will miss our phone calls, your friendliness, your smile, your generosity, your poise and your innate irony.
You knew how to give the right weight to everything by downplaying and always finding the positive side'.

The emotion of Marianna Ambrogi, the team's sporting director, is also vivid and palpable: "At this moment the air is missing and tears are flowing... the pain is immense.
I can't believe that we will no longer burst out laughing as we look at each other from afar or comment under our breath with irony, that irony that was accompanied by a very rare kindness and that I have adored since day one.
Nothing will ever be the same again, there will be no competition, board or meeting where I will miss you.
I still can't say 'hello' to you!"

Roberto Ricci, a long-standing Scuderia Grifone member, also recalled with emotion: "What terrible news.... The Grifone is an orphan as of today, and we are all in disbelief.
Hello Gianni, hello President. You left suddenly, leaving us all devastated. We still had so much to do, all together, and from today it will never be the same.
I want to remember you at this year's Monte Carlo, where you performed an incredible feat with your sister Tiziana, reaching the podium of the Monaco race to the amazement and happiness of us all.
Two images I have in my heart: you happy at the prize-giving ceremony at the Sporting, and all of us together at the start in Turin...YOUR TEAM.I will always remember you with great affection.
A big hug to Tiziana, and to all your family."

Yet more sad news for the world of historic cars after the passing of Mariella Mengozzi and Ariella Mannucci.