San Marino Revival 2021 registration open

A new San Marino Revival, suitable for pre-war cars

Zanasi-Bertini 2020 winners on 1937 Fiat 508 C | ©photo SMRO

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"The Italian Historic Car Regularity Championship has evolved in recent years, the San Marino Revival does not stand by and evolves with it. This 28th edition will be softer and will wink at the oldies and the brave people who bring them to the race."

These are the first words of Francesco Galassi, president of the San Marino Racing Organization as well as father of this umpteenth edition.
"One thing I like and that makes my race alive is the fact that at every CIREAS race I take part in I stop to talk to many of you, I think it is an obligation of every organizer to listen to criticisms and to collect compliments for the result, logically it is impossible to make a race that everyone likes, but we always work to get close to it. I am not going to list the many compliments that I receive, but I want to dwell on the criticisms: I do not come to your race because it is too tight and I do not want to break the car, or, it is a race for the A112 (with the evolution of the times from 1100), are criticisms that go for the most. The following Monday I organized a meeting with the San Marino Revival staff with the precise intent of increasing the imposed times and lowering the averages of the entire race (you can take it easy but don't ask me for a minute to do 150 meters). It was not an easy choice, for which I take full responsibility from now on."

Galassi, after having thanked the Secretary of State for Tourism and the Secretary of State for Sport for having given prestige to the event with their patronage, dwelled on the association Aci Sport and the San Marino Auto Motor Federation for the support and the confirmation of the event that remains one of the most appreciated of the CIREAS. While describing this edition and presenting the programme underlining its renewed graphics, he reiterated the care with which the times and distances tables are drawn up and the attention paid to the positioning of the PCs, a care that pushes him to run thousands of kilometres before having the perfect race.

For the first time the San Marino Revival will have as its headquarters the Multieventi Sport Domus in Serravalle, home of Rally Legend, San Marino Rally and other important sporting events in the Republic of San Marino. Obligatory choice, given the huge spaces, which guarantees to all an adequate security in the contrast of the COVID 19.

Friday 28 May will be left to everything sporting or technical that could not be done as per Aci Sport's instructions. The race comes to life on Saturday 29 May with the departure of the first car at 9:00 am directly from the square of the Multieventi Sport Domus of Serravalle.

Lunch at 13:00 at the Centro Vacanze San Marino and the arrival scheduled for 16:00 in Piazza Bertoldi in Serravalle, the race board and the prize-giving ceremony at the Multieventi Sport Domus. To underline the commitment and availability of the organizers towards the many fans who have never tried a race of Italian Championship, for all NC will be applied an entry fee of only € 250.

There will also be 15 coveted and tasty hams.

The hotel reception is entrusted to the professionalism of San Marino Reservation, with dedicated rates, will respond to every need of the competitors.

"I am Francesco Galassi and I challenge you to participate in the 28th San Marino Revival". We close with the phrase pronounced by Galassi before saying goodbye, anxious and aware that we will see good things".

(Fonte: SMRO)