Fabbri signs the 3rd Coppa Città di Recoaro

Together with Elisa Moscato, the Scuderia Progetto MITE driver at the wheel of the Volvo Amazon, won the "tourist" race organised by the Rally Club Team. Verza and Mattiello's Volkswagen Polo won the modern car category.

Leonardo Fabbri and Elisa Moscato, Volvo Amazon 121

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Clear victory for the Volvo Amazon 121 driven by Leonardo Fabbri and Elisa Moscato in the third edition of the Coppa Città di Recoaro, a regularity tourist race organized by the Rally Club Team that took place last Saturday 17th, valid for the Trofeo Tre Regioni. The Scuderia Progetto MITE's bearers signed a new success by winning with a significant margin on a quintet of crews finished behind them, enclosed in only eleven penalties. The position of honour was the prerogative of Maurizio Pozzan and Paolo Saletti in a Volkswagen Porsche 914, 31 points behind the winners, but with a 6 point advantage over the Golf GTI of Gianluca and Filippo Zago, who celebrated the podium, thanks to the discrimination with which they got the better of Ennio Demarin and Roberto Ruzzier, fourth in a Lancia Fulvia Coupè. At only one penalty, follow Antonio and Alberto Faccin on MG Midget that precede another Fulvia Coupe, that of Simone Molinari and Alessandro Timacchi, sixth at the finish line. In seventh position is the Autobianchi A112 Abarth of Dario Converso and Armando Varotto followed by the Fulvia Coupe of Andrea and Flaviano Vignato that precede Mauro Ballon and Paolo Burgalassi on Fiat Ritmo Abarth; complete the top-ten Edoardo Ferrara and Daniela Camporese with the Fiat 1100-103.
Elena Gecchele and Cristina Bignotto on Fiat 500 won the women's classification, while the teams' one was awarded to the Rally Club Team; still on the subject of classifications, also at the Coppa Città di Recoaro there was the one for the users of manual instruments that was won by Faccin, ahead of Ferrara and Sorgato.
The outcome was similar to that of the historic cars also for the race of the modern cars that ended rewarding Diego Verza and Luca Mattiello, winners on a Volkswagen Polo with an advantage of 21 penalties over Fabio Barison and Adriano Paggiarin, second on a Peugeot 205 GTI for only one point compared to the Fiat 500 Abarth of Ivano Ceci and Barbara Botti. At the foot of the podium is the Renault Clio Williams of Enrico Coan and Fabio Ulliana and following, fifth, are Stefano Cenna with Paola Scalia on Suzuki Swift. Head to head between the BMW 320 coupé of Jacopo Scoscini and Edoardo Cipriani and the Fiat 595 Abarth of Marco Garon and Claudio Sachespi with the former winning by a penalty in sixth place, then follow, eighth, Lorenzo Franzoso and Sonia Cipriani on Subaru Impreza, Gianluigi Scarpari and Alda Tonon ninth on Fiat barchetta and to close the top ten are Matteo and Anna Buso also on Impreza. It is the Centro Nord team that excels in the team classification.
At the end of the race, which was greatly appreciated by the crews, the prize-giving ceremony took place at the Fonti Terme di Recoaro, which once again provided a beautiful backdrop to the event successfully organised by the Rally Club Team. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)