The Acisport questionnaire is back

All registered members will receive it by 30 June. You have until 15.07. to reply. 

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After the forced pause in 2020, Acisport returns to sound out its members on the most important issues that could lead to a change in the regulations.

With a circular published on the federal website today (Link Here) Acisport has communicated the road map that will lead to the publication of the 2022 regulations.


By 21 June: preparation of the questionnaires by the commissions;

By 30 June: dispatch of the questionnaires to the members;

By 15 July: the dismissed persons must send the completed questionnaires;

By 18 July: sending of the results to the commissions of the answers received;

By 6 September: the committees and the Technical Area must prepare the document with the proposed changes to be submitted to the National Sports Council;

By 15 September: Convocation of the National Sports Council and discussion of the "macro themes" of modification;

By 15 October: Approval by the Sports Council of the amendments to the Regulations;

By 30 November: Drafting by the Secretariats of the Committees and the Technical Area of the 2022 regulations;

December 2022: Publication of the 2022 Regulations;

The Sports Council has already announced its intention not to accept changes during the competition season to the regulations (except those concerning safety).