Registration is now open for the event 2nd Trofeo Lago di Como Classic

The race organised by the Automobile Club Como scheduled for Saturday 6 May will start and finish at Villa Olmo

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The Lake Como Classic Trophy, now in its 2nd edition, returns with a new look and on a new date. The event, organised by the Automobile Club Como, is scheduled for Saturday 6 May with validity Trofeo Nazionale Regolarità and Coppa Italia. A new titled event in this 2023 season for Larian motor racing.

Registration for the 2nd Trofeo Lago di Como Classic opened on Monday 20 March and will close on the evening of Tuesday 2 May. Please note that registration for the race will only be validated through pre-registration with the on-line procedure that can be found on the Aci Sport website.
So a new early date compared to the opening edition last 2 July, but also a new evocative location as the start and finish of the event, identified this year at Villa Olmo, with its beautiful park that will be a wonderful postcard for participants and spectators.
A fantastic combination at a historic residence of undoubted cultural and touristic appeal and cars that have written a part of automotive history up to 1990, the limit set for participation in the 2nd Trofeo Lago di Como Classic.

The route From Villa Olmo the competitors will drive along Lake Como almost as far as Argegno, then up to Casasco Intelvi, then San Fedele Intelvi, then down to Porlezza, on to Carlazzo, Menaggio, along Lake Como again as far as Argegno, then up to Castiglione Intelvi, then back to San Fedele Intelvi and Casasco Intelvi, then down to the lake, stop in the enchanting Piazza Risorgimento in Cernobbio and finally back on the road to Villa Olmo. A spectacular, challenging route, full of charm through historical places with a link also strictly sporting with sections of the Rally Aci Como that will not fail to excite competitors and public alike.
Along the approximately 116 km that competitors will have to face, there will be 40 Chronometric Tests, 2 Media Tests, 3 Time Controls, and 2 Stamp Controls. It should be remembered that since this is a regularity race, i.e. with a route open to traffic and in compliance with the rules of the Highway Code, speed will not be the discriminating factor but precision to the hundredth of a second in the selected timed sections.

The programme foresees for Friday 5 May the opening from 18.00 to 19.45 of the Sporting Checks, while from 18.15 to 20.00 the Technical Checks will be held, both at Villa Olmo. At the same venue on the morning of Saturday 6 May, the Sporting Scrutineering will be completed from 7.30 to 9.00 and the Technical Scrutineering from 7.45 to 9.15. Then the countdown to the start will begin, set for the first car at 10.30 a.m. from Villa Olmo. The race day will be interspersed with a stop for lunch from 13.00 to 14.30, before resuming the journey towards Como, with arrival in Cernobbio at 17.00 followed by the arrival ceremony at Villa Olmo at 19.00 with the official prize-giving ceremony.
Sixty-five historic cars are allowed to take part, which will start first, in addition to 35 modern cars that will race separately. The participation fee for each crew starts from € 125.00. For further information on how to participate, please contact Aci Como by e-mail: