Registration closed for the 3rd Lessinia Rally Historic and 11th LessiniaSport

Entry list in progress, broken the event record with almost 200 starters. Great affection for Regolarità Sport, in the rally all against "Raffa"

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Closed in the night the registrations for the 3rd Lessinia Rally Historic (Historic Rally - TRZ) and the 11th LessiniaSport (Regularity Sport - Trofeo Tre Regioni), the events organized by the Rally Club Valpantena that will take place in Bosco Chiesanuova and surroundings on June 25 and 26.

Great satisfaction from the Organizing Committee that can proudly announce that the record marked by the event in the past has been exceeded, since the total number of crews is close to two hundred. The entry lists are now being processed and will be published and disseminated in the early days of next week, but it already promises to be a weekend of high adrenaline and sports for an event that year after year is enriched with new features and does not fail to tickle the curiosity of competitors and fans.

In the 3rd Lessinia Rally Historic, it seems that also this year the challenge will be again against "Raffa" and Paolo Scardoni who have already won the first two editions, but it must be said that the home driver will be at the start with the Ford Escort RS of 3rd Regroupment and this could make more difficult his climb to the triumph. Among the names that appear in the long list there are also those of Agostino Iccolti and Chiara Corso (Ford Sierra Cosworth), Gianpaolo Basso and Sergio Marchi (Porsche 911 RS), Giorgio and Giovanni Costenaro, the first with a Lancia Rally 037 with Lucia Zambiasi at the notes and the second with the Ford Sierra Cosworth with Matteo Gambasin. Among the locals there will be Nicola Patuzzo and Alberto Martini (Toyota Celica GT Four) or the BMW M3 of Mirko Tacchella-Federico Righetti, and Dennis Tezza-Massimo Merzari,

In the regularity sport, which has recorded a very high number of starters, remains the great affection of local crews ready to return to challenge to the sound of hundredths of a second on the roads of their home. As for the competitive level of the challenge with the pressure switches, suffice it to say at this stage that all the "magnificent three" who last year played for the first three positions by a blink of an eye will be at the start. From Andrea Giacoppo to Mauro Argenti and Leonardo Fabbri.

Same route for the two events that will start one after the other: three special stages to be repeated three times. Departure and arrival in Bosco Chiesanuova, two regroupings at the Cantina Valpantena of Quinto, once again essential collaborator, and action on the "Valsquaranto" of 14.46 kilometres, "Arzerè" of 4.60 kilometres and the inevitable "Bosco Chiesanuova" along the Lughezzano-Bosco, of 7.22 kilometres. Along the special stages the roads will close a little more than an hour before the passage of the first competitor, but the opening will be guaranteed between one lap and the other.

One of the important novelties of this summer edition, postponed since last February, will be the Service Park that this year is expected by regulation also at Lessinia. Thanks to the great collaboration of the Province of Verona and the Municipality of Grezzana, including the Municipal Police, will be closed the SPS6 Lessini from the junction of Grezzana North (Industrial Area) to Stallavena just for the preparation of the Park. Vehicular traffic will not be affected to any great extent, since the road network will be guaranteed by the internal municipal road network, and this important operation will make it possible to make use of a space suitable for hosting such a large number of participants. The access to the Park will be only for professionals, and also on the special stages there will be no areas for the public since the race will take place behind closed doors.

"A big thank you to the drivers, the teams, the fans - commented the Organising Committee - who wanted to be there again this year. Thanks also to the involved municipalities, to the Province, to the Police, to the staff of the Race Direction led by Stefano Torcellan and to all our collaborators who will be called to an important engagement to guarantee, with these numbers, the correct development of the race".