Leonardo Fabbri and Thomas Sartore take the first round of the Coppa Verona Regolarità Sport

Second was Carcereri-Danzi in a Peugeot 205, third Seneci-Russo in an Opel Kadett GTE Gr2.

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The first edition of the Bardolino Classic, a regularity sport race with its centre in Caprino Veronese, valid as the first round of the newly born Coppa Verona Regolarità Sport, promoted by Pro Energy Motorsport, was won by the crew formed by Leonardo Fabbri-Thomas Sartore, promoters of the Progetto Mite team on a Volvo S144. Behind them the Veronese Daniele Carcereri-Federico Danzi, with the Peugeot 205 GTI of the Palladio Historic team. The last step of the podium went to another crew of the Brescia team Progetto Mite, formed by Angelo Tobia Seneci from Brescia and the visually impaired Elisabetta Russo from Bergamo with the Opel Kadett GTE Gr2. Unlucky protagonist of an error of the timekeepers were Andrea Giacoppo -Nicola Randon of Team Bassano on Lancia Fulvia HF 1600. Although they finished second overall as a penalty, the erroneous transcription of a minute's advance at a time control penalised them by 100 points, dropping them to tenth place in the overall standings. Communications from the two men to the competitor's officer to make their case were to no avail. A protest elsewhere is not excluded. The new proposal of Pro Energy Motorsport has been successful with the presence at the Coppa Verona Regolarità Sport of a good and qualified number of entrants. The specific podium is in fact composed of the first three classified also at absolute level. At the foot of the podium Maurizio Colpani-Lorenzo Pastore, with the Porsche 911 Sc 3.0 for the Brescia Corse team, who preceded the Venetian couple in the car and in life Ezio Franchini-Gabriella Coato with the Peugeot 205 GTI and the colours of Palladio Historic. Behind them Enrico Zanini of the New Rally Team Verona with the BMW 318 IS. The couple of Pro Energy Motorsport team formed by Gino Faccio and Andrea Gaio on Opel Kadett GTE, already authors of excellent performances in the past, follow in seventh place preceding Alberti Simone Amedeo with the Alfetta GTV, good eighth always with the colours of Pro Energy Motorsport. Lorenzo Franzoso-Cristhian Garavello with the A112 Abarth and the colours of the team Progetto Mite followed by the duo formed by Michele and Giorgio Saccomani with the beautiful Opel Manta GTE always of Pro Energy Motorsport. Just out of the ten Davide Sartoris with the Peugeot 205 Rallye for the colours of the team HRT Corse. "Congratulations to the winner Fabbri and to the very good Carcereri-Danzi and Seneci-Russo, says the president of Pro Energy Motorsport Emanuele Bosco. What a pity for Giacoppo-Randon, who however will surely be back in the top ranks of the classification. Of course, a praise to all the other classified who have honored with their participation the first race of the Coppa Verona Regolarità Sport". The next appointment of the four fixed for the 2021 season is on 07-08 May with the 1st Valpolicella Sport Regularity by the Valpolicella Rally Club.