Coppa Regolarità Sport Pro Energy 2021, second round in Valpolicella

Verona sees the start of the Sport Regularity series, with novelties and confirmations

Peugeot 304 Gr2 of the leaders Monti-Ballerio

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The 1st Valpolicella Sport Regularity, the second round of the COPPA REGOLARITA' SPORT Pro Energy 2021, will start with scrutineering on Friday 7 May. The race scheduled for Saturday 8 May will also be an opportunity to find out if there will be new surprises from the classification set after the race in Varese. Among the drivers, Luca Monti, with his Peugeot 304 of the 2nd division, will try to confirm the leadership acquired in Varese, while Alessandro Zanini, with Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT of the 7th division, is the first opponent who follows him in the general classification at only one point. Zanini, after many races without digital instrumentation, but basic, has also been awarded in a recent draw an ad hoc instrument for regularity races and therefore will now try to gain the primacy of this coveted series. Simone Amedeo Alberti with the Alfetta GTV of the 8th division is only three points behind the leader, he will certainly be the third wheel at the top of the overall classification. Behind them Guerrino Melotti will also try to make up ground, fourth in the overall standings. The Regularity Sport of Valpolicella will also see the new entry in the championship Giampietro Ceschi with his red Opel Manta GTE will try to recover precious points to try to get closer to the hot spots of the standings. Both these four drivers are Pro Energy Motorsport's bearers. Among all the 43 total starters in the Valpolicella race, 11 are bearers of the Veronese team. This also allows to say that the objective of promoting regularity sport is achieved, but still much is in the pipeline by President Bosco Emanuele. Among the navigators instead the fight will be between Roberta Ballerio and Cristian Adami paired at the top of the ranking reserved for navigators. A feature of the COPPA REGOLARITA' SPORT Pro Energy is to have two separate classifications for drivers and co-drivers, in order to enhance all crew members with separate classifications and prizes. The Veronese race will be the first one that materializes the collaboration between Pro Energy Motorsport and Digitech Timing. Digitech Timing will be present on the race field with a stand to support those who want to discover the latest products of the professional line, and will also generously offer beautiful prizes to the first 3 classified of the series and the best classified among the competitors not equipped with specific equipment for regularity. 

Below is the calendar of the season
1. 27-28 February 2021, 1st Historical Re-enactment Rally ACI Varese - Sport Regularity (VA) (turning)
2. 07-08 May 2021, 1st Valpolicella Sports Regularity Rally
3. 4-5 June 2021, 1st Spruce Sports Regularity Rally (PT)
4. 21-22 August 2021, 1st Eastern Alps Classic (UD)
5. 6-7 November 2021, 3rd Infinity Sports Regularity Event (SV)
6. 11-13 November 2021, 19th Revival Rally Club Valpantena (VR)




Source: Pro Energy Press Release