After the break, the Rally Alpi Orientali Classic will start again.

Driver's licence and medical examination required

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While some people will still be under the sun umbrella, the regularity sporting season starts again with the Rally Orientali Classic, the regularity sporting event following the Friuli leg of the Italian Vintage Car Rally Championship.

The Rally Alpi Orientali Classic, scheduled for Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 August, will see the seventeen registered crews engaged in over 240 km of track with almost 100 timed tests.

There are three stages to be repeated twice: Mersino (20.93 km), Trivio (14.83 km) and Drenchia (13.31 km).
The proximity of the timed stretches gave the possibility to reduce the transfer routes to the maximum, making the
The proximity of the timed sections made it possible to reduce the number of transfer routes as much as possible, making the race remarkably compact, to the advantage of the crews and the economy of the race.
The organization thinks and hopes to have interpreted in the best possible way the intentions of the ACI Sport Federation to reduce to a minimum the number of races.
The organisation thinks and hopes that it has interpreted in the best possible way the intentions of the ACI Sport Federation to reduce unnecessary journeys to a minimum. This was one of the reasons
This was one of the reasons for the choice of Cividale del Friuli and San Pietro al Natisone, real hubs of the territory that have allowed to avoid long transfers to Udine.

The doubts about the interpretation of the licences and the required medical examination have also been clarified.

It will not be possible to take part with the "Regularity Navigator" licence (National Sporting Regulations App. 1 art. A2.1 Regularity Navigator) and for both crew members it will be necessary to have a medical examination for competitions (i.e. the one indispensable for rallies with an electroencephalogram) as stated in the note on page 11 of the Supplementary Regulations.
The positive news is that the cost of GPS tracking is included in the entry fee as stipulated by the RDS Regolarità Sport.