1000 Miglia moves to June, Mitteleuropean in May

The new dates published on the Acisport calendar. The date of the Stella Alpina is expected

New 1000 Miglia date on Acisport website | Photo Regolink

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The 1000 Miglia 2021 will take place from 16 to 19 June, while the Mitteleuropean Race will move to 14 May, taking over the old date of the Most Beautiful Race in the World.


The new dates, published in the Acisport calendar also see the shift of the Superclassica Mitteleuropean Race.


It is likely that the worldwide pandemic has pushed the organisers to this decision, which forces us, for the second year in a row, to attend an anomalous 1000 Miglia, but since February last year, fans have been adapting to these radical changes. In fact, it should be remembered that already in 2020 the "red arrow" was held in October for an extraordinary edition in the year of COVID.


However, moving an important event like the 1000 Miglia is a real earthquake for the sporting calendar, which will force other organisers to choose new dates for their events.


The first step has already been taken by the organisers of the Mitteleuropean Race, which is scheduled for the new weekend chosen for the 1000 Miglia, and they have taken steps to occupy the May date freed up by the Brescian race.


It's a safe bet that the Trieste race will not be the only one to change its date, given that June has always been a crowded month and only "standing places" were available, as they say in these cases. Starting with the Edelweiss, which, among other things, includes the "Tribute to the Prancing Horse", which has been supporting the historic event numerically for some years now, and which would not fit in with the Ferrari Tribute at the 1000 Miglia.


At present, according to the Acisport calendar, the situation is as follows:


08-12 June Modena Cento Ore

10-13 June Summer Marathon

12-13 June Baia delle Ninfe

16-19 June 1000 Miglia

18-20 June Stella Alpina Storica


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